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Teeth Whitening Treatments

Teeth Whitening Treatments

One of the most popular dental cosmetic treatments, which will dramatically improve the appearance of your smile with brighter whiter teeth.

Over time teeth naturally become stained through drinking and eating or other consumable habits. Coffee, tea and red wine are common contributors to staining teeth and smoking will also make teeth yellow and create brown patches. Teeth whitening is a safe and low cost dental treatment which can be carried out instantly at the dental practice or at home after your teeth have been assessed and tooth trays have been made or provided for you.

An initial consultation is required to check the health of your mouth and teeth before recommending suitable products and a treatment that will create the results you are wishing to achieve. Patients can have bright white teeth or choose to have their teeth a few shades lighter.

Laser Tooth Whitening

Laser tooth whitening or otherwise known as power whitening is carried out in the dental surgery. The treatment usually lasts an hour and involves a bleaching product which is painted onto your teeth. A laser light is then shone onto them to activate the bleaching product which whitens your teeth.

Home Teeth Whitening

Home tooth whitening kits will gradually whiten your teeth but the effects can last longer. Our dentist or hygienist will first take impressions of your teeth to enable us to produce individual trays and then we will show you how to use the bleaching product. Depending on the sensitivity of your teeth or how white you would like your teeth to appear, the trays can be worn for several hours each day or over night.

The results of whitening can last for years and it is safe if carried out properly with the right products and instructed by a registered member of the general dental council. For more information or to book an appointment call 020 8544 0112.