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Here are some of the 5 star reviews our patients have written about their experiences at The Wimbledon Dentist.

Just wanted to thank Dr Declan Hayes for my check up recently. I had been dreading coming in but he made me feel very much at ease in the chair, nothing like dentists I've been to in the past. My sister even booked an appointment after I came home and recommended it!

Amy Mawji

Aoife and her team have been great and I'll definitely be going back. Friendly, practical and very helpful. A good find.

Angela Houston

Great hygienist, no pain and did a thorough job. Happy with the results and will go again.

Alex Costa

What a fabulous dentist. My (very phobic) daughter needed a long appointment for root canal work and a filling. Maggie and Aoife (and the lovely receptionist) were so down to earth and friendly. Really it was like spending time with friends. The dental treatment was excellent - compassionate, intelligent and honest. Every aspect of care was explained and my daughter felt fully in control and was completely pain free throughout the whole experience. People should travel far and wide to visit this marvellous surgery.

Rebecca Swift

I usually hate going to see dentists and usually don't often write reviews or even think about reviewing especially after a dental appointment But I have to shout out to you all- Dr Bolan is a STAR she is highly skilled and comes with a genuine careing attitude to her patient and like one other review says, I actually enjoyed my visit.

Stefan Wise

Best dentist I've ever had, Aoife really helps you to take care of your teeth, she's not quick to drill in and mess with what's actually working! She's absolutely brilliant!

Maree M

Such a nice and welcoming atmosphere, everyone who works in the clinic its really kind and helpful. Maggie is such a lovely and trustworthy dentist ! I would recommend this place to anyone.

Ania DC

These guys are great. I've been twice and both visits have been quite enjoyable, actually. The clinic is modern and everyone is friendly.
I hadn't been to the dentist in a very long time; Aoife put me at ease and made sure I understood what was needed and why.

Thomas Dickin

Aoife Boland is truly the best dentist in Wimbledon.
Can't recommend the Wimbledon Dentist highly enough. Everyone who works there is genuinely lovely and caring. Although I have been going to this dentist for a few years, it was my first appointment with Dr Maggie Laird and I'm pleased to say she was wonderful. Not only is she a lovely and caring person but it is clear she has expert knowledge too which she presents is a very user friendly way to make sure you understand. I know I am in safe hands and that she will make the appointments as enjoyable as possible.

Rachel King

Friendly, professional and super nice. I've been going there for a couple of years now and totally loving it. Definitely recommend Aoife and her team to anyone who is after a great dentist experience!

Anna Bortsova

I would never feel the need to go to look elsewhere after finding Aoife at The Wimbledon Dentist. She and her team offer the most friendly, welcoming and calming treatment. As an extremely nervous patient I cannot recommend this practice highly enough. The whole team genuinely care about their patients and t all treatment really is done with the best (tooth) interests at heart! I also received excellent advice about making positive changes to my diet which would help my teeth in the long run. Very happy to have found this practice!

Liv S

Fantastic experience! I hadn't been to the dentist for a few (cough) years whilst I was a student and decided on the previous reviews I should just get on with it. Dr Boland and her team were fantastic. Friendly and funny but had fantastic knowledge of her field, I was so impressed and the thoroughness of my appointment was outstanding. Recommend to anybody looking for an excellent London dentist, particularly those who may be nervous/haven't been for a while. Don't bother looking elsewhere - just go here!

Nathan Peart

I've moved around a lot in the UK and been to many different dentists, this is without a doubt the most professional I've been to. Extremely professional, all the staff are friendly and make you feel welcome, it has a real family vibe. It's more than a dentist as Dr Boland really cares about her patients and takes the extra time to explain everything to you in a clear manner.

I actually had fun at the dentist, now how often do you here that, would fully recommend to anyone.

John Bowman

Very friendly and attentive dentist who goes out of her way to make nervous patents feel reassured about their treatments. Could not recommend highly enough.
After visiting a few dentists for quotes and risks, my work was completed by Dr Aoife Boland and still works well. She gave me good advice and assistance for my TMJ problem (clenching) too. The extensive work included a bridge, a gold tooth, and a tooth protector.

The new dental practice The Wimbledon Dentist is reassuringly clean, built-for-purpose. Recommended.


The service I received from Dr. Aoife Boland was outstanding. I had recently gotten a crown done from another dentist in the area which was done really badly. Aoife re-did the whole procedure perfectly and I have not had any trouble since. Given that I have now experienced getting a crown from two dentists, I know that the way Aoife did it is definitely the right way! If you want safe, reliable and quality dentistry, do not go anywhere else apart from Dr. Aoife Boland!


I have had alot of problems for years and struggled to find a dentist I was comfortable with despite trying over 10 in the last 5 years or so. It was a combination of not feeling they had the right answers, being over charged, feeling uncomfortable in the chair, etc.

I cant express enough how this has been an opposite experience in every way. Dr Boland is very knowledgeable, extremely gentle and proficient in action and a delight to interact with. There were several major procedures I have put off for a couple years now partly out of fear, partly out of cost. Dr Boland came up with solutions that were a fraction of what other dentist were suggesting and made the whole experience not much more stressful then a teeth cleaning...I cannot recommend her enough!

Ken Gorman

I am almost 65 years old and had a terrible sweet tooth when I was a child. Consequently I have had much dentistry done through my life with many different dentists, some in other parts of the world. As far as I'm concerned Aoife is simply the best.She helped me two years ago with the extraction of two back teeth on the bottom, I had already lost one, and the creation of a brilliant denture using Valplast which works very well for me. I know it's very hard to create a denture for the bottom teeth at the back because there is very little to grip onto. I went back very recently to see her, having seen the National Health dentist whom she replaced in my local practice before she set up her own. This dentist not only treated me very roughly, but told me that I would have to have one if not two of my back teeth on the bottom removed at the other side. Aoife not only refused to extract the teeth, thereby losing £1-£200, but also helped me to find constructive ways to preserve them. That's what I call good dentistry – a dentist who you can trust to inflict as little pain as possible and to preserve your teeth as much as possible. Thank you Aoife.

Dominic Stuart

Aoife Boland is truly the best dentist in Wimbledon. Perhaps all of the UK. I had a bad experience with a dentist as a child and don't like going, but Aoife was great and really patient. She talked me through every step of what she was going to do and she was kind and friendly throughout. She was incredibly thorough and told me what I was doing right and how I could improve my flossing. I also took my 4-year old son in as well and she was equally kind and friendly, explaining to him each step of the cleaning. He came away with a great impression of dentists and looks forward to going back! Really great service and exceptionally thorough and easy cleaning.

Christina McDonald-Legg

Definitely the best dentist I have ever been to see. After months of seeing a range of different dentists for consultations - All of whom wanted to send me to specialist no questions asked I came across Aoife. She took the time to speak with me properly and explain why I was experiencing pain. Before visiting this dentist I was preparing to extract the tooth. I have just come out of a very successful root canal treament. Not only has Dr Boland saved my tooth but I actually enjoyed my visits. Aoife is funny and personable, she lets you know what she is doing and when she is doing it so you feel very comfortable in the chair. The team at The Wimbledon Dentist is friendly and proffesional, I would recomend them.

Hazel Beckett

I hadn't been to the dentist in a couple years (oops) and live just a couple streets down from the Wimbledon Dentist so had no excuse not to go, especially when their new patient check up fee is only £30!

I have never had such a lovely dentist who has put me at such ease particularly because I get very nervous about any procedure.

The whole team is very friendly and gives off a lovely family vibe. Never thought I'd say that I look forward to going through their doors to have a pleasant experience :)

Emily Radcliffe

I was put at ease from the moment I met Dr Boland. She made me laugh, she made me smile and she fixed my teeth which were extremely painful. She slipped in a few treatments for no cost at all for which I am most grateful. I still have some more work to be done but half way through my course of treatment I must say that I have no hesitations recommending this dentist.

Richard Nero

The best dentist I've ever been to. Makes going to the dentist enjoyable. Thanks Dr. Boland.

Cormac Hall

Like some of the other reviewers, I'm not keen on dentists, which is why I hadn't been for more than three years before I came here. I actually enjoyed the experience from beginning to end. Aoife Boland is very good at dentistry, has a light touch, knows all the latest stuff, tells you things about your teeth you never knew and, amazingly, manages to be amusing, too. How many dentists can you say that about? Top marks.

A Google User

Dr Boland has to be the best dentist I ever been to. She and her team are so friendly and helpful that they make the uneasy experience of going to the dentist quite a pleasent one. Didn't have too much work done but was very impressed with the care and professional treatment I received. This dentist IS one of the few good ones and I would happily recommend to anyone. Very reasonabily prived as well.

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Just been to see Dr Boland and go to say, she is brilliant - really made me feel comfortable. I must be the most nervous patient, but I was put at ease by her. I have an appointment booked in again, and I wouldn't go as far to say I'm looking forward to it, but I feel far less traumatised knowing that I'll be in good hands.

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After carefully shopping for a dentist for months,"The Wimbledon Dentist" kept catching my eye when I would go past its big clean white building. After taking the first step to call for an appointment, they were able to see me straight away,even though I went the week after.

Brilliant service, from the beginning of the appointment to the exit. Dr Boland was(is) a very friendly, patient and witty dentist. She listened, made me feel at ease and even made dentistry look appealing to my year 11old sister,(who is now taken more care of her own teeth!).

Had a through examination inc xrays, a very high tech small camera letting me see my teeth in full colour,and then afterwards a lovely scale and polish. Dr Boland even removed glue residue left due to braces in my teens. I was so satisfied, I actually didn't want to leave and wanted to have more work done.

All in all, worth the shop and without paying an arm and a leg too. I am constantly checking my teeth and including the cleaning process into my daily routine.

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